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arizona m brdchser at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 20:30:34 PDT 2014

Ugh, the Brown-headed Cowbirds have joined my flock in South Ephrata. I
remember how interesting it was to see one hanging around my horse on
Royal Slope, back in the late 50s. Then to see the little Gnatcatchers in
AZ flying their little wings off to feed one big ol' Cowbird chick wasn't
so interesting. Saw a bunch in a trap down in a Texas park hosting
rarities. Mentioned it to a person there, explaining the need. She said
they would turn them loose after nesting season, wouldn't they? I
hesitated, thought, and assured her they probably would. No need to give
her the facts about their likely fate. Not their fault.....but I keep
telling them the days of following the Buffs are long gone, build your own
danged nest and give up the good life like every body else has to,,,,,,but
do they listen?

Keep on birding....

Arizona M
brdchser at gmail.com
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