[Tweeters] Brady Loop Rd

Steve Giles giles.steve at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 27 20:23:35 PDT 2014

Dear Tweeters,

Spent a great three days in Grays Harbor including the Sat pelagic and the Short Tailed Albatross-a mystical bird for me!

On my way back to Seattle I drove Brady Loop Rd and met the Pagos' who told me about Bill S. sightings earlier in the day. We were able to re-find the Pacific Golden Plover and had some nice looks when the sun shone between showers.

We then tried for the White Throated Sparrow with no luck. We did flush a Vesper Sparrow though and had good looks as it perched on a fence wire.

Later along Foster Rd I was able to pick out the White Throated Sparrow in a large group of Golden Crowned Sparrows.

Good birding!

Steve Giles


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