[Tweeters] Gog-le-hi-te strange Pigeon

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Michael and Dan,

There are an estimated 250K pigeon keepers in the Americas. They keep racing pigeons, utility pigeons, local homers, fancy pigeons, and just pigeons to watch and care for. Michaels photo is of a racing pigeon with a brick red coloration (not unusual) that was either lost, resting, or gone AWOL for a nice place to live or a nice lady or man pigeon that caught its eye. Pigeons mate for life and the bond is strong - once a potential mate is found it is pursued heavily until love takes over. I had a flock of utility pigeons when I was a kid and they'd bring in racers on a regular basis. These pigeons can often be identified by leg bands that include things like location and club information, an individual ID, and demographics. Often times races don't want them back as they have a propensity of flying back to the new coop and girl/boyfriend and lose their racing value. Pigeon races can be over 1000 miles long and pay out over $1,000,000.

The white pigeon spotted by Dan is probably in the same situation, but the large breeds of pigeons bred for meat are mostly solid white. Missed the squab processor to become a big pretty bird?

Pigeon forms are many with specialty flyers (rollers, tumblers, tipplers, high flyers, divers), special feathers (curly, patterns, leg feathers), and behaviors (pouters, Jacobins, fantails, parlor rollers, and pigmys).

Most likely race resters, runaways, or passion seekers who my return to their path, or find a new life in a new place that they found by chance.
Rob (former fancier)

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Michael and all,
At Stillwater a few weeks ago, a nearly white rock Pigeon, on the very low end of the species size range, flew into a tree above me. It had a similar band on the right foot- but light Blue.
I too, am interested in your thoughts.
Dan ReiffMercer Island
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I had a strange banded Pigeon at Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands in Tacoma a few
minutes ago along the railroad tracks. The bird was quite large and had a
yellow band on it's leg.

A quick internet search yielded some photos of Racing Pigeons that looked
similar. Pretty sure it was some type of domestic Pigeon. I snapped a
couple photos.

What do you think?


Off to Westport

Have a great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
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