[Tweeters] Migration passing through coastal Skagit County today

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 18:54:03 PDT 2014


Doggone I wish I'd seen Wayne Weber's post before I went out today, but as it was there was a lot to get pumped up about anyway in coastal Skagit County today. I had 80 species between Conway and March Pt., with some rarities as well as high concentrations, as follows:


Black Brant 2000 (Padilla Bay)
Gr. White-fronted Goose 43 Mann x Wiley Rds, 40 more over Skagit WMA; photo from first site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14115261@N05/ Cinnamon Teal 2 across from Fir church (3 more were at Burmaster Rd 4/19)SWAINSON'S HAWK 1 (intermediate morph: hovering and circling almost directly over Dallas Wiley's residence, adjoins parking lot for Skagit WMA main access--very distinct bird watched for several minutes, my second migrant this spring);Short-billed, Long-billed Dowitchers--plenty of each Skagit WMALeast and Western Sands--large numbers at Skagit WMASEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER 1 (ad breeding plumage--my earliest--heard as well as photo'd--very poor photo but weak head shot captured at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14115261@N05/
Greater Yellowlegs 65, Lesser 1--Skagit WMACaspian Terns--in since a week ago, 30+ near March PtTree Swallow 1000 (as Bob B, I was surprised that this early migrant clearly was staging at Skagit WMA)PURPLE MARTIN 1 (female perched on telephone wire near March Pt)MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD 1 (male flyby near confluence of Mann and Wiley Rds near entrance to Skagit WMA, about 9 a.m.)Yellow Warbler 3 (Skagit WMA on territory near boat launch, on the early side by a few days) Also--new photos today (same flickr site) for YR Myrtle Warbler up close, Lincoln's Sparrow (a perennial favorite, love that buff), BB Plover and still another drake Wood Duck, check it out. Also--back on 4/19--single CASSIN'S VIREOS were in at the Bryson Rd access south of Rockport, and at Marblemount; 8 TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRES made for a great showing at Bryson also. Scott AtkinsonLake Stevensmail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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