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Sat Apr 26 01:24:38 PDT 2014

Michael and all,

At Stillwater a few weeks ago, a nearly white rock Pigeon, on the very low end of the species size range, flew into a tree above me. It had a similar band on the right foot- but light Blue.
I too, am interested in your thoughts.

Dan Reiff
Mercer Island

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I had a strange banded Pigeon at Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands in Tacoma a few
minutes ago along the railroad tracks. The bird was quite large and had a
yellow band on it's leg.

A quick internet search yielded some photos of Racing Pigeons that looked
similar. Pretty sure it was some type of domestic Pigeon. I snapped a
couple photos.

What do you think?


Off to Westport

Have a great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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