[Tweeters] tuvus over north bend

Dave Templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 09:06:43 PDT 2014

hi all:

got a report timestamped 8:12 am this morning of one dozen turkey vultures
kettling over the roundabout at hwy 202 and the i90. at least a couple
have been seen every day this week near the snoqualmie north bend city
line. i spoke with a farmer last summer or the summer before (getting CRS
[cant remember er, uh, stuff, yeah, that's it, stuff] with the passage of
time -- does have some fringe benefits, still finding the eggs i hid from
myself for easter) and he says the numbers of vultures have been steadily
going up over time. he used to see a bird now and then, but now he
believes there are probably a dozen or more resident in the upper valley
over the summer. the elk cows will start dropping young over the next few
weeks, so maybe that's part of the attraction (cleaning up placentas and

anyhow, keep looking up in east king county.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today; it's already tomorrow
in Australia." Charles Schultz
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