[Tweeters] SnoCo Western Kingbird, etc.

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 09:06:51 PDT 2014

Hello Tweets,
On my way home from work yesterday I took a "birders shortcut" through
Monroe. The weather kept most of the bird activity down, but I was
surprised to see a Western Kingbird hunting along Tualco Loop Rd, just
north of Crescent Lake WMA. April 22nd beat my earliest SnoCo WEKI record
by a day. Perhaps it's one of the birds that has breed near Lake Tye the
past few years.

The only other new migrant for the day were three Least Sandpipers just
north of the county line.

To tie back in to Brad Waggoner's post from earlier in this week from a
little bit back, for the second year in a row there is a starling hanging
out near the Monroe Prison Farm Pond that gives a relatively good
impression of a Western Wood-Peewee. Not nearly as confusing as the one I
heard in my neighborhood impersonating a Common Nighthawk late last fall.

Josh Adams
Lynnwood, WA
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