[Tweeters] arrivals

Kristin Stewart kristinstewart01 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 21 22:49:22 PDT 2014


I had a male Goldfinch on April 1st, the first of the season; and then not
another until 3 days ago. Today there were perhaps 6. They usually arrive in
more numbers at the same time. And yesterday, April 20, I had 2 Pine
Siskins, the first of the entire winter. They are usually the most common
wintering bird in our yard, and then most of them leave in the spring. But 2
or 3 pairs have remained to breed in our area/property (5 acres with many
alders). The breeders left in the fall about the time the Goldfinches left,
and I have not seen them since until yesterday. I did not see them today.
This is certainly not the usual pattern in our 10 years here.

Kristin Stewart


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