[Tweeters] Nashville Warbler at Lake Sammamish State Park, Apr 21, 2014

Sharon Cormier-Aagaard scormieraa001 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 21 16:00:12 PDT 2014

Hi Tweets....

Birded LSSP a couple hours this morning to look for arriving spring migrants and was satisfyingly rewarded with a great 10-minute look at all sides of a male NASHVILLE WARBLER feeding in one of the flowering apple trees. The trees are in the old orchard just to the south of the Cottonwood forest at the SE corner of the Sunset Beach parking lot (the farthest lot to the right of the main entrance). There was also a lone CHIPPING SPARROW feeding with a bunch of Savannah Sparrows in the large grassy area to the south (right) of Sunset Beach. The PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER continues calling in the Cottonwood forest. Had an amazing experience with a large (estimated 100 or more) migrating flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers. They were surrounding me in every direction....above me, to the left, right, front and back.....singing, chipping, and foraging. First time I've been enveloped in a cloud of Yellow-rumps! They were mostly male Audubons, with a just few male Myrtles.

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Sharon Aagaard

Bellevue WA

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