[Tweeters] photo and follow-up tagged Brant Goose

Clare McLean clareishere at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 20 19:18:32 PDT 2014

Thanks to all Tweeters who responded to my RFI re a tagged Brant last week. Photos here:


David Ward, a research wildlife biologist with US Geo Survey mailed me. Based upon the info I relayed, he wrote:

"G-YAL is an Adult male was caught and banded in mid July of 2006
near Teshekpuk Lake, Alaska (North Slope). The metal band on the right
leg of this bird is 1767-06129. We have not seen this bird since it was

I've been back twice to Carkeek weekend but no Brant in sight.

Clare McLean
clareishere at hotmail.com
Seattle, WA

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