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Dave Templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 16:14:54 PDT 2014

hello all:

the weather so far this year has conspired to take the starch out of us
all. the falcon should have laid several weeks ago but she still has not.
it is remotely possible she laid eggs on schedule but nobody saw them and
they have since died or been abandoned (although no one has spotted any
eggs at any of the usual sites). the pair have been working a site on the
far right side of the cliff but still no eggs that anyone has seen although
there are several reports of copulation. thus i suppose what's going on
now could be an attempt at a second clutch rather than a seemingly
lackadaisical effort at nesting for the current year.

so, we are left with lots of questions and much to speculate about.
perhaps bud or dennis might have some thoughts based on knowledge and
experience. i opine on nothing more than wild conjecture that this year is
likely a washout (pun intended). either the weather was so crummy the pair
never got in sync or perhaps she has reached the age where she is either no
longer productive (i think we have around ten years of nesting records) or
was affected adversely by the horrid weather. i have done some web
searches to support or detract from that position but find nothing on point
so far. so i guess we can continue to watch and see what happens, if



dave templeton
fall city, wa


"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today; it's already tomorrow
in Australia." Charles Schultz
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