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Subject: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium seeks public's help in finding Forrest
the Eurasian eagle owl

I've been contacted by staff at the zoo. At this time they would
appreciate assistance from any expierenced birders that are available
to vist Point Defiance Park today 4/18 to help locate a missing
Euarasian eagle owl that flew out of the zoo two days ago and is
believed to be in the forest at Point Defiance Park. The bird's name
is Forrest. You can call for it by name, and it may hoot in response.

For a physical description and number to report sitings and more
information please see the press release below and attached photos.

If you see/hear the bird, please call the zoo at 253-591-5337 or email
tresa.edmonds at pdza.org. Zoo staff are searching for the bird, and any
additional eyes and hears on the ground from experienced birders would
be appreciated.

Please share this with any experienced birders you think might be able
to help find Forrest ASAP!


Krystal McArthur Kyer
Executive Director

*Connecting People with Nature*

*Tahoma Audubon Society*
2917 Morrison Road W.
University Place, WA 98466

OWL Forrest believed to be somewhere in Point Defiance Park

TACOMA, Wash. - Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is asking for help from
the public in locating Forrest, the zoo's Eurasian eagle owl, which
flew into Point Defiance Park during a training session on Wednesday

Individuals who spot him are asked to call the zoo at 253-591-5337 or
email tresa.edmonds at pdza.org.

Members of the zoo's Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater staff were
rehearsing a new show when Forrest flew away. They believe he was
startled by some changes recently made to their stage in preparation
the show.

He is trained to fly during performances of the Wild Wonders show and
then return and does so routinely. On Wednesday, he didn't return from
his practice flight.

A team of staff biologists spotted the owl several times Wednesday
afternoon but lost sight of him late in the day. They have since been
unable to pick up his telemetry, which sends a radio signal to help
track him.

"Forrest likely is sitting high up in a tree and may be surrounded by
a mob of crows unhappy about the owl's presence in their territory"
staff biologist Sara Mattison said. He is comfortable around people
and may even hoot if he sees someone.

He is nearly 9 years old and has lived at the zoo since he was just a
few months old. Forrest has a wingspan of about 5 feet, stands about 2
feet tall and has bright, orange-colored eyes.

He is wearing red jesses, which look like red cords dangling from his
legs, and telemetry, which looks like a black wire dangling from a


Jerry Broadus

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