[Tweeters] Another nest...?/ Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Mon Apr 14 18:57:14 PDT 2014

Hello Tweeters! It's me again!!

...yes, another Anna's is nesting higher up in the pine tree (not visible), BUT...

...in the hemlock next to the pine tree where the Anna's nested, I looked up when I heard a robin scolding a crow and sure enough, there's a robin building a nest (still in progress) right next door!! I watched the robin collect grasses near a birdbath and put the final layers inside, molding the nest cup with her body. It's those lucky moments when something directs our eye to the right spot to discover nature - sitting right there in front of us (well, almost). It's in the listening and observing (especially when things slow us down enough to have the time) that we can find the things happening - sometimes closer than we expect.

This reminds me of our Snag Condo from several years ago. We had left a snag after needing to take down the dying/dead wood of another hemlock (next to the one the robin is nesting in now) - and ended up having both flickers and nuthatches nest in the same "condo snag". (I think I may have been posting on Tweeters back then...)

We have been so very "lucky" with nests in our yard (we've been here since 1981) - Robins, Bushtits (3-4 nests), Bewick's Wrens (under our deck, several houses), Chickadees (they're looking at the same house again this year). Last year seemed quite empty - our souls sad after losing our dog. This year, the gifts of nature are extra sweet. I don't think there is anything more magical than to see a bird creating a nest - especially in your own "neck of the woods". This year was especially sweet with the Anna's and now the Robins (ok, they might be "common", but they are still fun to watch) - our new neighbors, moving right in - into our hearts.

Caryn / Wedgwood "Airbnb"

PS. The Anna's chicks are still around - and think I saw one at the feeder today. Will be looking forward to the next brood.

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