[Tweeters] Issues with Yahoo.com email addresses and birding listservs

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I was having problems with Tweeters due to Yahoo's policies so I switched to gmail.

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> On Apr 14, 2014, at 1:22 PM, Josh Adams <xjoshx at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hello Tweets,

> I noticed the below email got sent out to the "ID Frontiers" email listserv about a problem and realized it's the same issue the Bill Anderson, and certainly others, are having. Apparently Yahoo broke changed something on the settings to try to cut down on spam sent from their accounts and in the process essentially broke listservs. I've posted a link to an article about the issue below, although it's very technical. I've also included portions of the email sent to ID Frontiers which give workarounds and suggestions on feedback that can be given to Yahoo to get this resolved.


> http://goo.gl/Y1mYdC


> Josh Adams

> Lynnwood, WA


> > Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 12:49:58 -0500

> > From: cotte at KSU.EDU

> > Subject: [BIRDWG01] ADMIN: BirdWG01 list problems


> >

> > Good day BIRDWG01!

> >

> > There are several announcements about the list. Please read and save for

> > future use.

> >

> > Overnight 278 subscribers were removed from BIRDWG01 by the ListServ

> > computer because of onging issues with recent changes by Yahoo and the

> > way that they handle email (more on that in a second.) A few of you have

> > added yourselves back on, I just now added the rest of you back. The fact

> > that you are receiving this message indicates that you have been added back

> > to the BIRDWG01 list.

> >

> > Problems with e-mail addresses from Yahoo are continuing today. Yahoo´s

> > policy change last week is also causing problems that affect e-mail

> > addresses from other domains, such as Comcast, ATT, Hotmail, and MSN.

> > You can read a technical explanation of why this occurs at:

> >

> > http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9247512/Yahoo_email_anti_spoofing

> > _policy_breaks_mailing_lists?pageNumber=1

> >

> > Because the problem occurs _every time_ a message from a Yahoo.com

> > address is posted to the list, our mail administrators have advised us to set

> > all subscriptions with Yahoo.com to NOPOST. [Redacted since it doesn't apply to Tweeters]

> >

> > Other providers have "honored" Yahoo´s policy although they have not set

> > the same restrictive policy; they should stop seeing rejections once we

> > remove the Yahoo posts. These include Comcast, ATT, MSN, and Hotmail.

> >

> > If you have a Yahoo address, I encourage you to contact Yahoo.com support

> > and tell them "I have been inconvenienced because I am unable to

> > participate in Listserv mailing lists because of Yahoo's DMARC policy." I also

> > suggest that you may want to get a different e-mail provider for your listserv

> > subscriptions (and maybe for all your e-mail). While I cannot and do not

> > recommend any particular provider, I can inform you that two large providers

> > which have had no problems are Google (Gmail.com) and Apple

> > (iCloud.com, me.com, mac.com). There have also been no problems with

> > any .org, .gov, or .edu address as far as I know right now.

> >

> > To repeat, if you are subscribed to the list with a Yahoo address your

> > subscription will be set to "nopost" - if you are a Yahoo

> > user, you will be able to read messages but not post to the list.

> >

> > As always don´t hesitate to contact the list owners if you have questions, but

> > please be considerate at this busy time, and try to write us only if you have

> > tried to solve your problem first and gotten stuck. The address to write is:

> >

> > [Rest of the email redacted since it doesn't apply to Tweeters]

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