[Tweeters] a pair of peregrines

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Mon Apr 14 09:00:33 PDT 2014

While out visiting a private hunt club between Snohomish and Monroe the
group I was with were surprised by a peregrine falcon coming in low and
taking a duck off the pond. The bird landed on the ground and was likely
contemplating its next action when an adult bald eagle flew into the area
followed by a few crows. Soon a peregrine was seen flying toward the eagle
and then flying along with the eagle in circles and straight flight into the
next field. The crows were gone once the peregrine and eagle flew together.

I turned back and realized that there was a peregrine sitting on the power
line crossing the field. We realized it was a pair of falcons and a bald
eagle. Truly a great sighting for the day.

I hope to find these falcons again in the valley. Has anyone else seen them?

As we began to discuss the wildlife habitat value of this acreage, I also
learned that the land owner was very displeased about the ill manners of
some birders regarding the visit of the gyr falcon in the area earlier this
year. He had to ask several trespassers on more than one occassion to leave,
including people on foot or in cars (driving on private roads). As most of
you are aware, once you leave the road right of way in most areas, you are
on private property. If you do not have written permission to be there or
are not with the land owner, please respect private property. Just because
it is not posted does not give anyone the right or privilege to trespass.

Martha Jordan

Everett, WA

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