[Tweeters] Song ID help

Ethan Smith ethanwhitneysmith at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 12:29:47 PDT 2014

For six days I tried to get a look at a bird. All I have is a song. On Salt Spring Island north of the San Juans this past week. Always at the tops of high trees, mostly firs, but not the very top out in the open of course! In mixed fir and madrone forest. Got a glimpse a few times. Likely chickadee-sized. Other birds around included chestnut-backed chickadee, orange-crowned warblers, and Wilson's warblers. Song is five, high, clear notes. The first note is slightly longer than the next four. The duration of the first note is maybe a quarter of a second. I tried it out on a piano. I believe the notes are very close to high E, E-flat, E, C-sharp, E-flat. I have a recording on my cell phone but don't know of an easy way to post it somewhere so you can hear it. If you'd like me to text or email the file to you, I'd love to. Driving me crazy!

Ethan Smith
ethanwhitneysmith at gmail.com

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