[Tweeters] BirdNote - last week, and the week of Apr. 13, 2014

Ellen Blackstone ellen at 123imagine.net
Sat Apr 12 12:03:07 PDT 2014

Hello, Tweetermeisters,

Check out these images of a pair of Bushtits building their amazing hanging nest: http://birdnote.org/blog/2014/04/bushtits-build-their-nest All that work, and they use it for only one year! (Thanks, Mike Hamilton!)
Last week, BirdNote aired:
* Dawn Song - Emily Dickinson
* Sharp-tailed Grouse on a Lek
* Song Sparrow in your Brush Pile
* Rusty Blackbirds - A Rusty Recovery
(W/a link to get involved in the Spring Migration Blitz 2014, a citizen-science project with the Int'l Rusty Blackbird Working Group)
* Rachel Carson and Silent Spring
* How Birds Produce Sound
* Unlikely Places to Go Birding
View the photos and links for next week's shows: http://bit.ly/1giwH1p
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Thanks for listening!
Ellen Blackstone, BirdNote

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