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arizona m brdchser at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 03:44:58 PDT 2014

The White-crowneds have arrived in south Ephrata. Went out and bought more
seed for the coming hoards, joining the expensive music of singing, nyger
loving Goldfinches. Driving about town, one can tell the location of
generous nyger providers by all the happy Goldies' singing. Think the last
of the spoiled, little Juncos has left. Kinglets are trying to interrupt
my spring yard work. Quails splitting up into pairs, and my quail call to
dinner, calling the covies (up to 65), over winter, has turned to fightin'
words with the males, which sometimes peer off the roof at me, lookin' for
that loud mouthed quail person....but they still come for dinner. Tell
them I'm bigger than they are....go eat. Hear Meadowlarks up on Beezly,
but, sadly, no Say's sweet voice up by the canal for the second year, after
40 years of hearing them announcing the coming spring.

Happy spring and great birding to y'all,

Arizona M
Grant County
brdchser at gmail.com
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