[Tweeters] Bird-by-ear ID help

A & S Hill 60stops2home at kalama.com
Thu Apr 10 19:35:23 PDT 2014

Today while working in the yard, I heard an unfamiliar bird song. I never
saw the bird. Also, it stopped singing before I could record it. However, I
did record my imitation of the song.

Then, using the WOS checklist of Cowlitz County, I went to Cornell's website
and tried to listen to the song of all the birds in the last two columns
starting with Flycatchers. No luck. I skipped the ones I was certain were
not the owners of the mystery song.

It sounded like this to my ears: "Tweedle deedle (slight pause) oodle oodle
oodle." The first two notes were the same and slightly higher than the last
three notes, which were also the same as each other. I put the "d" in the
syllables to indicate that the sounds had almost a yodel to them.

Clear as mud? Anyone want to venture a guess as to what bird I heard?

Amy Hill

Kalama, Washington

628 feet up in Cowlitz County

60stops 2 home at kalama dot com

Artlessfun at yahoo dot com

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