[Tweeters] Chipping Sparrows at Marymoor Park, King Co.

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Wed Apr 9 16:47:59 PDT 2014

Tweets – I got some texts from Lillian Reis this afternoon, which included photos of CHIPPING SPARROW. I raced down, and after an hour, I was able to see one bird while hearing another. Lillian told me she saw two. They were at the north end of the East Meadow, just below the Viewing Mound.

While searching, I found a LINCOLN’S SPARROW along the southeast edge of the East Meadow. A VIRGINIA RAIL spontaneously called near the bend in the boardwalk. Hummingbirds (both) were everywhere, and were divebombing any creature in the area.

Just as I was about to leave, a LONG-TAILED WEASEL ran up the meadow trail and passed by the birding kiosk, with a large furry something in it’s mouth – possibly a Townsend’s Mole.

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