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Wed Apr 9 15:49:59 PDT 2014


>From my point of view Spencer is a but a shadow of its former self. Shorebirds were really good in season and passerine activity was excellent. Notable rarities even occurred.

Eastern Kingbirds can still be found and it is still good for Yellow Warblers. Sparrows seemed to have abandoned the place. You have to be a supreme optimist to visit the Island these days.
My understanding the dike was deliberately breached to allow the island to be tidal and flooded daily. This has been devastating for trees and most birds.
Access to the Island has been difficult with long closures of the road for the past two years (summer to start of hunting season). Foot traffic was not allowed either. They may now have finished whatever they were doing to cause this.
White-winged Crossbills paid a visit there last year - but that is the exception..... But perhaps not as bad as the ruin of Port Susan which has been spectacular.
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