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Wed Apr 9 14:04:20 PDT 2014

Dennis and Tweeters,

The north path was washed out in a couple of places several years ago. From the bridge, you can go on the north trail for a couple of hundred meters before it is washed out. The south trail is still open all the way. If you go south from the bridge, it will take you all the way around and back on the cross-dike. Both wetlands are now brackish and tidally influenced. So ,we don't see the variety of species that we had in the past when one half of the wetlands was fresh and the other tidal. The wetlands are best between a 7 and 8 foot tide. The birding is still very good.


Rick Taylor
Everett, WA

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Subject: [Tweeters] Spencer Island question

Hello, tweets.
Driving by the Everett sewage ponds this weekend, I thought of Spencer Island, which I haven’t visited for quite a while. I’m curious if conditions are still what they used to be there. There was a path that went all the way around the ponds to the north and south, but I recall hearing that not all of that was open any more. Does anyone know if that is the case?

Dennis PaulsonSeattle
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