[Tweeters] Rainbow and Hummers

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Apr 8 20:02:53 PDT 2014

Right now from my viewpoint on a hill in Port Townsend there is a spectacular rainbow connecting Kah Tai Lagoon in Port Townsend with the Naval Weapons depot on Indian Island! Looks like some kinda cosmic transfer to me. Will Kah Tai be a smoking crater tomorrow morning, or will Naval employees have peace and duck symbols painted on their car windows when they show up for work tommorrow to begin dismantling bombs. This reporter from the Everett Hairball newspaper will break the news tomorrow! If I feel like it.

Meanwhile, a side "reality based" report , is that in the evening rain Anna's Hummers are at the feeder, and Rufous Hummers are at the currant bush.

Jeff Gibson

just sayin' from

Port Townsend Wa

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