[Tweeters] Subject: Birding in Japan

Diana Thompson dianaft21 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 19:59:51 PDT 2014

My husband and I took a 2 1/2
week trip to Japan and while in Kyoto, through
 BirdingPal (www.birdingpal.org),  were
able to arrange a half day birding trip in
Osaka with Hiro Hashimoto,
leader of the Osaka chapter of the Wild Bird Society
 of Japan.  We had never met anyone
through BirdingPal and it was an excellent
  We spent most of
the time in the Osaka Castle Park and a small amount of time
 by the Yodo River.  We saw the following
birds:dusky thrush, pale thrush, great
 tit, great cormorant, rufus turtle dove, white
cheeked starling (gray starling),
 brown eared bulbul, tree sparrow, carrion
crow, jungle crow, falcated teal, spot bill
 duck, pochard, eurasian widgeon  (Tons of
them), European coot, tufted duck,
domestic pigeon, white
wagtail, Japanese white eye, yellow-browed warbler,
gadwall, Shovleler, Daurian
red start, moorhen and reed bunting.
     We had
seen some of these birds earlier in the trip and also the northern pintail,
 great egret, gray heron,  mute swan,
Japanese wagtail, great egret, black tailed
 gull, and black-headed gull.
Diana Thompson Bellevue,

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