[Tweeters] Mason County Highlights

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Mon Apr 7 14:19:54 PDT 2014

On a beautiful Spring day, 8 folks from the 2011 Master Birder class spent
Sunday in Mason County, looking for some of the area specialties. The trip
had been scheduled for the previous day, but, thanks to NOAA Weather, we
avoided the drenching rains and were delighted with the outcome. We visited
many of the same spots included in the WOS trip of a week ago; thanks to
Matt B for tips. We missed some of our target birds but succeeded in

We tried for Mountain Quail for some time at NE Elfendahl Pass Rd, but even
playback produced no response until we were turning around and heard a
distant call. Not satisfied, we then headed to NE Tahuya-Blacksmith Rd and
sharp eyes quickly saw a quail-like bird fly across the road. Following its
clucking, we inadvertently flushed the bird, a bright ruddy-red male, where
all could see. A life bird for several in the group. While at Elfendahl
Pass Rd, we also heard Red Crossbill and Purple Finch and saw a solitary

At Potlatch SP, we had a jackpot of sorts, with several of Red-throated,
Pacific and Common Loons; 5 Grebe species including 2 Eared Grebes in
transitional plumage, Horned and Red-necks in bright breeding plumage, and
a tight raft of over 100 Westerns; and a small group of White-winged

An Osprey was perched on a snag at High Steel Bridge and we heard a Gray
Jay. On the way down from the bridge, a Mountain Bluebird (female) flew
across our view.

Dunlin flocks were seen at several locations, Greater Yellowlegs (4) were
at Belfair SP, and Wilson's Snipe appeared at Theler Wetlands and the
George Adams hatchery. Also at this and the Eells Rd hatchery, we heard and
saw singing American Dipper.

We had Rufous Hummingbird, Common Yellowthroat and Yellow-rumped Warbler
(Audubon's) at several locations and Cedar Waxwing at Theler Wetlands.

We wrapped up the day at the HearthFire restaurant in Olympia, and from the
table we were able to pick up our last birds of the day (although not in
Mason County) of Pigeon Guillemot and all 3 cormorants.

For the day, 81 species; just in Mason county, 77 species.
Scott Ramos

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