[Tweeters] Bewick's Wren and Black Phoebe, Page Springs and Malheur NWR, Oregon

Jerry Broadus jbroadus at seanet.com
Sun Apr 6 20:04:58 PDT 2014


> Although not rare in Oregon, I was questioned two years ago when reporting a couple of Bewick's Wrens at P Ranch, Malheur NWR. Seems they used to be uncommon in southeast OR (Harney County) They must be trying to take over, as Clarice and I saw 3 at nearby Page Springs Campground (east of Frenchglen) this morning, two of them copulating while the other one chattered. Did not see any of the usual, for that site, House Wrens-- possibly still a little early for them.

The Black Phoebe, rare for this county, is still hanging around the P Ranch house, fence and pic nic tables. If anyone plans, during next week's birding festival from Burns, to add this to their county list, we have only seen the Phoebe in the evening, though it has been regular for 5 days.


> Jerry Broadus

> Volunteer at P Ranch

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