[Tweeters] Washington Bird Records Committee recent decisions (Spring 2014 interim packet)

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 6 13:42:32 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters & Inland NW Birders -

The Washington Bird Records Committee [WBRC] has completed its review of its Spring 2014 interim packet.

The WBRC normally meets annually in October, but often also circulates an ‘interim’ packet half way between meetings. This allows the committee to process a number of reports where it is relatively easy to reach consensus without discussion. Because the committee does not meet in person to discuss these reports, a greater level of voting consensus is required to ‘accept’ or ‘not accept’ a report. Many reports will be carried over until the October meeting for final deliberations.

28 received 7 yes votes, and are thus passed w/o need for further discussion.
13 received 4 or more 'no' votes, and are thus not accepted.
1 additional report was not accepted despite the identification being confirmed, because the origin was in question
13 reports were deferred for more consideration at the next meeting.

No new species were added to the state list, so the total species count remains at 507.

The results of this round's votes can be found at the following link on the WOS website: http://wos.org/wbrcspring2014.html

The official state list and the list of 'review species' are available here:
State checklist: http://wos.org/checklist2013.html
Review List: http://wos.org/reviewlist.html

The committee continues to depend on submissions from the community, and I'd urge you to submit reports for rarities on the review list when you observe them. A form for submitting reports can be found at: http://wos.org/rarebird_exported/rarebird/rarebird.html

I welcome any questions about the status of past decisions or any new report submissions,

Matt Bartels
Secretary, WBRC
Seattle, WA

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