[Tweeters] Eastern Washington - April 5

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sat Apr 5 22:37:34 PDT 2014

In a long day, I birded Cle Elum, Quilomene,
Othello area and Columbia NWR today. Some hits
and some misses and many good birds as Spring
continues to bring changes.

Lots of Evening Grosbeaks - both at feeders and
elsewhere mostly in South Cle Elum. A surprise at
one feeder were a few Pine Siskins. On Highway 26
a large flock of Sandhill Cranes in corn
stubblefield and then a single Long Billed Curlew
less than .2 mile further East. A Burrowing Owl
in Othello. Para Ponds had lots of ducks but
Blackbirds were hard to come by... NONE on any
wires. In the marshy cattails area however a lot
of searching revealed 50+ Yellow Headed Blackbirds
and perhaps 5 Tricolored Blackbirds in addition to
the Redwings. At the bridge east of the ponds,
there were perhaps 50 Cliff Swallows joining both
Tree and Violet Green Swallows. They were there
for 30 minutes and then ... disappeared. I also
had a single Northern Rough Winged Swallow just
past the Headquarters at Columbia NWR. At
Quilomene I ran into a group from Eastside
Audubon. Birds were good: at least 3 Sage
Thrashers, Sagebrush (at least 1), Vesper (at
least 2) and Brewer's (at least 4) Sparrows plus
some active Juncoes. There was also a single
Caspian Tern at Shiner Lake at Columbia NWR.

Some pictures at

Blair Bernson

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