[Tweeters] Subject "Shazam" for birders

Fred Bird fredbird46 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 15:56:31 PDT 2014

My verbal memory has always been terrible. I bump into an old friend,
someone I've known and even worked with for 20 years, and I draw a complete
blank on their name. Bird calls and songs quickly disappear into the vacuum
that is my nonverbal memory. My visual memory, however, is excellent and
has stood me well through a lifetime of birding. Then, several years ago I
lost vision in one eye, significantly reducing my ability to simply see
birds. It got me thinking or wishing...

Recently, I ran across a smartphone application called "Shazam" that
literally listens for any music playing in the background, even in a noisy
place, and identifies the music for the user. It can even identify TV shows
and probably much else. "Shazam" will help me catch up with all the music
since the Beatles.

But in the meantime, all I (we) really need is a "Shazam" for bird songs
and calls. Somebody must be working on this...

Fred Bird
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