[Tweeters] Olympia vicinity Peregrine Falcons and Osprey

Kelly McAllister mcallisters4 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 5 12:41:38 PDT 2014

I read, in the Olympian, about the sale of the Port of Olympia cranes and
the relocation of the Peregrine Falcon nest box to the Olympia Center
building. So, today, I spent some time looking to see if I could spot the
box in its new location. I used my spotting scope to look for it from
Bayview Market, Capitol apartments (where I was born), and from the Capitol
grounds. I couldn't see it on the roof of the building. No Peregrines seen

I saw my first-of-the-year Osprey on the cell phone tower southwest of the
intersection of Marvin Road and Hawks Prairie Road, near the Target

There seem to be lots of Bushtits around in the urban area.

Kelly McAllister

Olympia, Washington

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