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Good grief! Yet another self-aggrandizing, self-elevated, self-important
alphabet-soup group that decides for the peasants what is and isn't
permitted? Who the heck cares how one finds or logs a bird? I knew a blind
lady that could obviously only bird-by-ear. She could ID a bird I couldn't
even see with unfailing accuracy! So, now because she didn't get there on
an approved, sunshine-sipping, purpose-built vehicle; didn't drive 100's of
miles to a designated, named, numbered and approved wildlife area; and
didn't have a $10,000 invested in a scope, camera, or set of binoculars with
an autographed Peterson's by her side, her calls are not valid? Give me a

Maybe it's time to give the bureaucrats the old heave-ho and bring birding
back to free citizens instead.

Dusty Bleher
Watching my feathered buddies from atop Goebel Hill, NW of Granite Falls.

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Hello All,

Just wanted to share with you the new ABA area requirement that will no
longer allow listing of new bird species for your life list that are seen
through knot holes. The ABA feels that looking at birds through knot holes
is some what under handed and is not "gaming" or fair to the birds. Kind of
like hearing a new species and counting it even though you have never really
seen it in your life. So it was decided by the ABA committee that knot hole
birding is out and that you must be outside of a cabin or clap board latrine
in order to observe any new bird species for your life list. Mr. Robert L.
Kliest of DimeBox, Texas is very upset as he has built himself a knot hole
blind out of an abandoned cabin from across the street. Most of his "good"
birds were seen from that blind through the knot holes. Mrs. J. P. Monson a
long time ABA member is really sore over this new rule as she had taken the
time to hammer out all the old tin can lids her late father Chester had
hammered onto the house to block all those woodpecker holes in the walls of
the house. So no doubt this new rule will cause some folks heart burn and
also create ethical issues for some. The ABA no doubt sees this new rule as
a black and white issue and really does not see the need for"outside"
discussion. So I guess you could write them or call their office to let them
know how you feel about the loss of knot hole birding.

Thank-you Mike Denny

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the beautiful Walla Walla Valley

"If you haven't birded, you haven't lived"

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