[Tweeters] The Best of Gibson...

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue Apr 1 12:50:27 PDT 2014

Every now and then, when Jeff seems to really be on a roll or is really making me roll (with laughter), I make copies of the posts and tuck them into a file folder on my computer, after sharing them with some friends. But I have only skimmed a few off and by now, with each collection in a different folder, it would take me forever to reclaim all of them, and organize them better (this mirrors my entire life organizational skills). But I'll bet you have copies, don't you Jeff :-)
Yes, I'd offer a little real $ for a compilation - with some beer money and a volunteer crew of publishing-savvy folks to assist, at least we should be able to eke out a vol. 1, maybe starting with 2013 and working backward ? Surely there is a way to access the archives and run all the digests through a cleverly designed program that selects out Jeff's posts?
Any more votes?
But we must get Jeff onboard first...or at least his permission for others to try something...

Thanks Debbie and Mary for initiating the idea and some pressure. :-)


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