[Tweeters] Noah Should Be Building an Ark at Eide Road

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sat Sep 28 18:20:34 PDT 2013

Or perhaps that will come next. I had not been to
Eide Road for a month and during a bright moment
in Edmonds (which disappeared as soon as I left
Edmonds) I thought I would try a visit hoping for
some good shorebirds. Well, the further north I
got, the heavier the rain and then, stupid me,
when I got to Eide Road around 2:30 I remembered
that is HUNTING SEASON. There were perhaps 8
hunters in the field with shotguns and in bright
orange. Three came in as we arrived and said they
were looking for pheasants and finding none and
getting soaked, they were giving up. They also
said there were lots of shorebirds out in the
ponds. The rain worsened if anything and ALL of
the other hunters came in...wet and birdless so I
decided to give it a try. I only got to the first
two ponds (my once worn rain pants were leaking
... thank you REI ...; and I was soaked). There
were two Pectorals (no Sharp Tailed) two Killdeer,
two American Golden Plovers, a single Red Necked
Phalarope in the middle of the pond, 30+ Long
Billed Dowitchers and some fly by unidentified
peeps. There were also MANY ducks. Mallards,
Shovelers, Gadwall, Green Winged Teal, and
American Wigeon and who knows what else. Easily
many hundreds of ducks.

I could last no longer than 30 minutes and left
hoping the car heater worked, glad for my Muck
Boots, wishing I had a change of pants and looking
for Noah...

Blair Bernson

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