[Tweeters] Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands Slaty-backed Gull

mcharest at wamail.net mcharest at wamail.net
Fri Sep 27 20:52:08 PDT 2013

This afternoon at 5:30 there was what appears to be a Slaty-backed Gull on
the far tidal pond at Gog-le-hi-te Wetlands in Tacoma. The bird was
feeding on Pink Salmon carcasses that litter the mud on a low tide. This
is pretty close to the date I saw the Slaty-backed last year. I got a
photo last year on 09/29 and reported it on 10/08. Got a couple shots of
today's bird here.



There was also one Heermann's Gull on the log booms out front of the Dick
Gilmur kayak launch in NE Tacoma.

Have a great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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