[Tweeters] Subject: Golden Eagles attacking larger prey (graphic), AZ birding this week

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 26 20:35:40 PDT 2013

Kevin and Tweeters:

Just viewed the footage of the eagle dragging sheep off the cliff edge on
Youtube, wow. Reminds me of an account from my wife's cousin, who
has long lived in n.e. Montana. He claims to have witnessed, at close range, a
successful Golden Eagle predation on a cow, apparently not full-grown but still
much larger than the eagle. The Golden circled and then hovered right above the
cow, then came down with talons, ripping open both flanks. Although Ned is your
classic "he-man" type out there in Circle, he said it was the most gruesome thing
he'd ever witnessed--the eagle simply waited until the cow had bled to death. I
guess the magic of nature is that so often it seems plainly more strange (and
more incredible) that fiction, but with that, nature also seems to "take no

On a less harsh note, just now wrapping up a week trip to s.e. AZ and the birding
has been flat-out electrifying--thought of 'ol Dennis Paulson, who mentioned to
Tweeters encountering a Plain-capped Starthroat on his last AZ trip several years
back. I just photographed one at the Paton's (former) place in Patagonia, a real
lucky find right near dusk. Dennis and Carol R, I'll get with the program and send
another post when I've got the photo uploaded to flickr!

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens (Nogales tonight)
mail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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