[Tweeters] Reverse Ornithology - Rufous Hummer still hanging around

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
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Just to add further to David's quest for predictability - yes, we've had at least one immature male Rufous Hummingbird at least through yesterday, Sept. 25. This is about 10 days later than previous year's last sightings, and quite a surprise.


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On Sep 25, 2013, at 12:31 PM, David Hutchinson <flora.fauna at live.com> wrote:

> As usual, that eminent scholar Mr. Bud Anderson, has pulled my chestnuts out of the fire, once again. Last week I was foolish enough to prognosticate that several species of bird, including Osprey, had departed our area. I was swiftly handed my lunch-pail by several contributors, who not only said they had seen Ospreys, but provided really interesting information as to nest-site fidelity, young being fed, numbers of young etc.


> So it seems that as soon as one says "no", the field reverses itself and people say "yes" in a

> quite informative way. To test out the power of reverse ornithology, despite one recent feeder report from Eastern Washington, let's suggest that all Rufous Hummingbirds have left Washington. So if a Tweet, an E-birder or an Auduboner has seen a RUFU in the wild or at a feeder in our region this week, it would be interesting to hear. With sack cloth and ashes, Dave.


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