[Tweeters] EAS Lake Sammamish SP 24 Sept 2013

B&PBell bellasoc at isomedia.com
Tue Sep 24 14:33:17 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets

This morning I showed up for the EAS walk at Sammamish SP, and Sharon is back in Minnesota and Stan has a sprained foot. So --- I substituted for both of them, but we sure missed Sharon's super ears.

We had about 12 people on a nice morning, partial sun and scattered clouds with temps at start of 56F. The morning stayed really nice and we had pretty good bird activity.

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville WA
mail to bell asoc at iso media dot com

The birds we saw:

0800-1130, 56-63F
50 species

Greater White-fronted Goose - a single immature along the creek
Canada Goose - including a couple probably of the smallest race
Wood Duck - one along Issaquah creek
Gadwall - one flyby while at the peninsula
American Wigeon - 3 at bathing beach with coots
Mallard - lots, including some males in very nice plumage
Green-winged Teal - 7 at bathing beach
Pied-billed Grebe - 1 with coots
Double-crested Cormorants - 4 fly by
Great Blue Heron - at least one, maybe a second
Green Heron - one on lower part of Issaquah creek
Osprey - 2 overhead
Cooper's Hawk - 1 early doing dives into grass
Red-tailed Hawk - probably two in second meadow
Peregrine Falcon - 1 early from parking lot
American Coot - a group of 30 and a second group of about 60
Spotted Sandpiper - along lower part of Issaquah Creek
Mew Gull - 1 1st winter bird with gulls at first beach
California Gull - about 25, both adult and imm. at first beach
Glaucous-winged Gull - 1 imm. at first beach, two flyovers (adult)
Vaux's Swift - 2 overhead
Anna's Hummingbird - 2 (1 female/imm - 1 male?)
Belted Kingfisher - 1, probably male
Red-breasted Sapsucker - 1 near parking lot
Northern Flicker - 3 heard
Pileated Woodpecker - one seen near meadow
Western Wood-Pewee - 3
Steller's Jay - 1 in old apple tree at edge of second meadow
American Crow - various thruout the park
Violet -green Swallow - quite a few overhead
Barn Swallow - lots over lake
Black-capped Chickadee - 8??
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Brown Creeper - 1 heard
Bewick's Wren - 1 seen
Golden-crowned Kinglet - flock of 6
American Robin - lots, individually thruout the park
Cedar Waxwing - flock of 12
Orange-crowned Warbler - 2
Yellow Warbler - at least 1 female
Yellow-rumped Warbler - nice flock (maybe 12) along the creek
Spotted Towhee - 1
Fox Sparrow - 1 heard
Song Sparrow - 5?
Lincoln's Sparrow -1
White-crowned Sparrow - 2 adult, 1 imm. (Pugetensis)
Dark-eyed Junco - 5?
Red-winged Blackbird - early
Purple Finch - heard
American Goldfinch
(Swan Goose - escapes?)

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