[Tweeters] Birds by the hundreds

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Mon Sep 23 18:45:45 PDT 2013

I stepped outside the office at Ridgefield a few times today and had flocks
of white-fronted geese flying over twice, total several hundred. Also a
flock of Band-tailed Pigeons parked across the road from the office.

Randy Hill


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I am not sure how to post this but it comes with question too. I have been
bird watching almost all day and 70% of it at my house. I am sitting
watching HUGE flocks (I think that's what I can call them) of ducks, geese
and maybe swans fly over head. I am in Kelso, and I am seeing 3-5 sets at a
time of 60+ birds every hour or so. I recognize some of the calls I am
hearing as white fronted geese. Some calls I don't know some birds I am
not hearing them but seeing that V formation. I am amazed. Living in N.
Cal for the past few years I just saw the end of migration and then the
refuges empty as they all left again. So this is my question- based on my
location in Kelso- what species am I most likely seeing? (other then the 1 I
have listed) Do they stop here for the winter or are we a "pit stop" for
them and the refuge (Ridgefield) has ups and downs throughout the winter?
When does the peak migration happen? Like I said I am used to about
November or so making my trips to the Sacramento Wildlife refuge and going
until February or so. I did go to Ridgefield today. White Fronted geese
were there, savannah sparrow, American gold finch, lesser yellow legs are
some of the highlights.



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