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In regards to hunting on the Oyhut in Ocean Shores, I asked WDFW's Cyndie
Sundstrom if I was reading the hunting dates correctly; this is her very
thoughtful and thorough reply...worth passing on to the general population
of birders who may be tempted to visit during today's stormy weather...or
maybe another time.
Thanks, Cyndie!
Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores

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Yes, in part, you are reading it right, except the page you linked below is
for “hunting hours” and not necessarily hunting seasons (you have to
download the Migratory Waterfowl and Upland Game Regulations pamphlet to
see the actual hunted species and their appropriate hunt days). Here is
how it breaks down for the Damon Pt/Oyhut area for potential hunting:
Band-tailed Pigeon is allowed through September 23rd; Mourning Dove is
allowed through September 30th; Pheasant is allowed from September
28ththrough November 30
th; Duck begins October 12th through the 16th, resumes again on
October 19ththrough January 26, 2014; Goose begins October 12
th through the 24th, resumes again on November 2nd through January 18th,
2014. So if you were to include ALL huntable game birds, every day from
now to January 26th, 2014 is a hunt day. I personally don’t know of any
hunters who hunt pigeon, dove, or pheasant at Oyhut but that doesn’t mean
someone doesn’t give it a try. Waterfowl hunting, on the other hand, is
quite popular at Oyhut but it is always a ‘crap shoot’ to know when hunters
are present or absent. ****

** **

My take on the hunting issue for bird viewers at Oyhut would be this: try
to avoid the area early in the morning on weekends, especially the first 3
weekends after waterfowl hunting season begins (October 12th – 27th) –
typically the ‘newness’ of the season wears off and fewer people are
inclined to hunt that area, in part, because the geese have already been
shot at multiple times and become wary of returning, although not so much
for the ducks. Waterfowl hunters prefer “nasty” weather conditions – it
drives the ducks and geese into more protected areas, such as Oyhut – with
nasty weather conditions it is doubtful that bird viewers would want to
head out there anyway. Most waterfowl hunters work during the weekdays and
if there are hunters present during the weekday there won’t be many of
them, if at all. The duck hunting is a bit better at the Ocean Shores
Airport later in the season and the hunters tend to gravitate to that area
after the Oyhut area has been shot out. ****

** **

Also keep in mind that the guns waterfowl and actually all bird hunting is
done with is a shotgun (10 ga, 12 ga, 20 ga) and the distances the ‘shot’
can lethally travel is very short for a bird (less than 300 feet); in order
for a human to sustain a life threatening injury from a shot gun pellet
they would have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time at the wrong
distance (less than 100 feet), so from a ‘hazardous’ situation, I wouldn’t
worry too much. You should be able to see a hunters “blind” set up or at
least hear shooting which tells you hunters are present. I had emailed
another person with similar questions asking about how to tell if hunters
were present; I told him to go to Tonquin – if there were vehicles/trucks
with any sort of ‘Ducks Unlimited’ stickers, camo accessories, dog crate in
the truck bed, or other clues about hunting, it’s a pretty good chance
hunters are out there somewhere; also do the same for the area by the Waste
Water Treatment area where the houses are – believe there are/were signs
that designate “Hunter Parking” or Hunting Area, something like that.****

** **

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone who asks. Hunting season
may be continuous from now through the end of January but it doesn’t mean
THAT area will always have hunters. Finding the birds the birders hope to
see might be more difficult when hunters are present.****

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*Subject:* hunting at Oyhut****

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Hi Cyndie...I am getting questions about hunting at Oyhut; I looked it up
and according to the WDFW site it looks as though it is constant until
after Jan 31st. Am I reading this right?****



Thanks in advance...****

Dianna Moore****
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