[Tweeters] Waxwing Sorbus

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Sep 21 17:03:56 PDT 2013

I know it sounds like a frozen waxwing fruit concoction (that would be Waxwing Sorbet), but Waxwing Sorbus is a Mountain Ash tree full of waxwings.

Walking home with my (wife's) dog Max this morning, we were almost to the house when a small Mountain ash tree erupted with about 30 Cedar Waxwings - they were moving to a larger Mountain ash tree nearby, full of orange berries. I had so far missed waxwings this year at home- sort of unusual.

This took me down Memory Lane to Sylvan Lane, in West Seattle, where I attempted to grow up. There , on the ol' home lot we had a large (for a Mountain ash that is- they grow fast and die young ,relatively) Mnt. Ash, and every fall, when the berries ripened, the tree would be swarming with Cedar Waxwings. It was sort of an iconic event to me as a young "self taught" naturalist. The waxwings seemed like incredibly exotic creatures compared to the usual yard birds. It is quite the bird thats for sure!

Anyway, I associate Waxwings with Mountain-ash, so nice to see them together again today.

Jeff Gibson

waxing nostalgic, in

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