[Tweeters] Car break-in at Discovery Park, Seattle this morning

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I have had car break ins here in Tacoma at Titlow Park, and down in the Columbia Gorge which is a hotbed of this sort of thing. Once inside a station-wagon type car or SUV, thieves can snatch up everything in a moment. So I got a sedan with a trunk, disabled the interior trunk release, and also disabled the manual latches, inside the trunk, for the rear seats which could have allowed access to the trunk from inside the car. I never give visual clues as to what may be in the trunk where I actually park. I carry very substantial "personal item" insurance on binocs, cameras, etc.

The only advice I got from the bored police was " If you don't want your windows or glove compartment wrecked, don't lock your car or your glove compartment!" "Car prowling" is a very low priority item for them and carries low penalties , if any thieves are ever actually caught. One sees the telltale piles of shattered safety glass in many parking places frequently.

This is especially true at trailheads in the forest or at the shore, as thieves know owners will be gone a long while.

Max Warner Tacoma

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Last year I had a similar experience while birding at the Montlake Fill. My mistake was leaving a small throw on the back seat and placing my tote in the trunk after I parked. I suspect they were watching at the time and planned to pop the trunk release once they gained access.

They broke the rear window, which activated the alarm, but were unable to get in the trunk. I make a practice of keeping the trunk locked so it can't be opened without a key. This happened mid-day in a well trafficked area. I was lucky, this time!

Ann Marie Wood
Mountlake Terrace, WA

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Hi Doug & Tweeters,

Sorry to hear about this. I too have had vehicles broken into while birding. They didn't break the window but somehow jimmied the lock. This happened at Golden Gardens. They took a camera bag with one small lens and a pair of bins. Now I don't leave anything in my car while out and about.

Just a note there have been break-ins at Magnuson Park also. They now have a private firm watching the park and ride area. You can't be too careful.

Doug Parrott
Edmonds Wa.

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This morning I was parked at the Discovery South Parking lot and my window and another car’s window got broken out. Must have occurred about 8am. Someone saw a late 90’s Suburban leaving the parking lot quickly. It was either white or silver colored.

They took a backpack from my car and 2 bags from another car. Nothing valuable from mine was taken. Just quite a hassle to deal with.

Doug Schurman
NE Seattle

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