[Tweeters] Vaux's Happened?

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Sat Sep 21 08:53:39 PDT 2013

Yesterday 900 Vaux's Swifts left their Monroe Wagner roost site at 10:36, which is the earliest I've caught their departure in August. A first look at 8:08 this morning shows just 25 birds. Is that all that spent the night?

Not really. Last night Cindy Easterson clicked off 1478 as they just beat (to the minute) a rain storm. I said goodnight to what looked like 1500 small birds near the beginning of our new day. If anyone was watching early this morning, would you let us know what time they left.

So what was the motivation for the early fly out? Maybe those birds were serious enough about heading south to get an early start.

Today is Vaux's Happening's BIG SATURDAY were we get a snapshot of the nominate sub-species total global population. We know there were Vaux's Swifts at roost sites from Everette to San Diego Wednesday.

Watch 25 swifts hanging from bricks at http://staging.wildearth.tv/player/vaux-happening-swift-roost-webcam/

Larry Schwitters

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