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Patricia Quyle Grainger paq at olypen.com
Thu Sep 19 21:18:04 PDT 2013

I've been hearing one, and sometimes two, Ravens all summer in Port Townsend. They're mostly heard and not seen, although I have seen them fly over a few times.

A couple nights ago, Dave and I saw a Barn Owl on Cook Street, just off Hastings. It was sitting on an overhead wire, and gave us great looks before it flew low into a nearby tree.

Pat Quyle Grainger
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> Well, I have heard from a number of people about ravens in Olympia and other parts of Thurston County. What about in other cities? I live a quarter mile--as the raven flies-- from Budd Inlet and downtown Olympia. Are they being seen in downtown Tacoma, Redmond, Seattle, Your Town?


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