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Steven Herman stevenherman at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 18 16:04:21 PDT 2013

>>>> Subject: Ravens in Olympia


>>>> Forty years ago I neither saw nor heard ravens in and about Olympia.

>>>> In the late seventies I encountered them a couple of times at McLane

>>>> Creek, then had them once on the Evergreen campus. Ravens nested on

>>>> the campus in at least two years in the nineties and probably still

>>>> do. In the vicinity of my house in Olympia (near what became Black

>>>> Hills High School), I began hearing them in the late eighties. By the

>>>> time I moved from there, seven years ago, they were no longer a

>>>> novelty. Where I am now -10 miles east of Yelm, I hear and see them

>>>> daily, and often try to converse with them. They are among my favorite

>>>> birds.


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