[Tweeters] Late, late hummer report

Brew brewshome at comcast.net
Wed Sep 18 14:11:12 PDT 2013


I live in an apartment in Tacoma's North End in the area of 37th and North
Pearl street. I have a deck with three hanging fuchsia baskets and have
humming birds feeding on the flowers many times each day.

About ten days ago a humming bird that I couldn't identify was at the
fuchsia flowers while I was sitting on my couch in my living room. From my
seat I have a view to my deck and some of the fuchsias through a double
sliding glass door. They are about twenty to twenty five feet from where I
sit. My deck is on the east side of my apartment and my view is from the
south side of the apartment. There is often sun reflecting from the
building directly across from me so many times all I can see in the way of
hummers is an outline and very few details including color, but on this day
it was either shady or a time of day where the reflection didn't interfere
much with my vision.

As I looked out I saw a humming bird that was significantly larger than the
typical Anna's which are so frequent. The other feature that immediately
stood out was that it's bill was much longer than any hummer that I've seen
on my deck before. As I watched there was another distinguishing feature
and that was a double rim of yellow color on its tail which did not begin at
the tip of its tail, but perhaps a quarter to half an inch from the tip of
the tail with a brief space and then another rim of yellow equal in width,
toward the body. I've looked in Sibley's and I find nothing at all
comparable but I do know that many times pictures in bird books and the bird
itself are not the same.

The reason that I didn't report it at the time is that I'm a bachelor and I
live in my pad and it can be messy at times. I was afraid that someone
might want to watch for it and that part isn't a problem but I would have
needed time to prepare the place and had it showed up another day I would
have reported it on Tweeters. The bird to my knowledge has not returned but
on the day it was here it made at least four appearances.

This is for information only but if you have any ideas of what I saw you are
welcome to send me a message via my email.

Jim Brewster - Tacoma

brewshome at comcast.net

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