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I first saw Ravens in the Olympia area in 2000 out at Woodard Bay; we had just returned to Olympia after an eight year absence. Then In a year or so I noticed them out near Nisqually NWR. Now we live north off of Sleater Kinney and are less than 3 miles as the Raven flies from the Lowes and Safeway at Sleater Kinney and Martin Way. We have Ravens regularly fly over, going north and south, and occasionally perching in our trees. We are near a small creek that feeds into Woodland Creek, and the area is fairly well covered with a mix of deciduous trees and mixed conifers with some pastures (and houses) as well. The Ravens are a more regular occurrence than Crows here.

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> Deborah, Joseph, and all:


> I was at the Evergreen campus much of the summer. I heard and/or saw ravens every week. Usually 3-5 birds interacting. Mostly in the woods around Parking Lot B, between the Parkway and Lab 1.


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