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Hope Anderson hopea1994 at aol.com
Mon Sep 16 16:55:41 PDT 2013

Hey fellow Tweeters! I visited the Long Beach area this past week and had a question and an observation to pass along. First, while walking on the jetty at Cape Disappointment State Park, I saw three birds fly over that had VERY long, slender, down-pointed beaks and I am curious what may be most likely at this location at this time of year? Whimbrel perhaps? I also saw many brown pelicans, song sparrows, sooty shearwaters and gulls (I don't have the gull IDs down yet). Also saw what I can most closely ID as pacific golden plovers at the Leadbetter Point area.
At Leadbetter we found a carcass from a common murre, it had been well-eaten. The next day at the beach in Seaview I saw a common murre just relaxing on the beach, which seemed rather odd. As I approached for photos, it couldn't run away. I used to volunteer at Sarvey wildlife and was able to track down a wildlife rehabber in the area who said they had been getting a lot of juvenile murres who were apparently not quite ready to leave their cliffside dwellings. They did meet me and pick up the bird and said they had 3 more to pick up that day in Oregon. Just a heads up that if you find those guys on the beach, they may be in trouble. Since it was in an area where natural predation was less likely than being run over or attacked by dogs off leash, the rehabber was more than willing to pick it up. They were very helpful and if anyone in that area ever needs help or wants to send a donation to help out all those murres they have, they are the wildlife center of the north coast in Astoria, OR.
Back home in Marblemount, I still mourn the departure of the Swainson's Thrush and Common Nighthawks.

Hope Anderson
(Actual home is in Renton, WA, Marblemount for summers)
HopeA1994 at aol.com

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