[Tweeters] re. brown booby

Mark Myers myersmark7 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 13:25:07 PDT 2013


he booby is from our zoo's collection that decided to take an unapproved
leave of absence this past Tuesday. I knew if she was to reappear, it
would be via a Tweeters posting!

After spending some time near the Ballard bridge onThur, we were unable to
locate her, but my hope is that all local birders will be willing to serve
as our eyes/ears for this bird and notify me (in as real time as possible)
of her location if she is sighted (email: mark.myers at zoo.org or cell
206-250-7580) so we can attempt to bring her back. She is a well trained
booby, and if we can get within shouting distance, there is a reasonable
chance we can get her to respond to the training cues that she is used to.

Many thanks,

Mark Myers, Curator of Birds
Woodland Park Zoo
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