[Tweeters] Pelgic Photos

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Wed Sep 11 08:43:22 PDT 2013

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go on a Westport Seabirds Pelagic trip.
Most of the 2013 Seattle Audubon Master Birder Class plus Dennis Paulson was
on board. For many of us this was our first Pelagic trip. It was a great
experience to see some birds that you would rarely seeing from land in
Washington. While we had no really rare birds we did have a rare reptile, a
Leatherback Sea Turtle. Only the third seen by Westport Seabirds in over 20
years. I took a bunch of photos and even though the rocking of the boat made
many of them not turn out, a few did.

Below is a link to a set of 16 photos taken from the boat and 4 more taken
from Midway Beach after the trip.


Good birding to all,

Doug Schurman

NE Seattle

p.s. Like Orcas? I took a Whale Watching trip out in the Juan de
Fuca Strait a week and a half ago and got some nice Orca pictures.


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