[Tweeters] Sprague Sabine's Gulls

Isacoff, Jonathan isacoff at gonzaga.edu
Tue Sep 10 18:14:47 PDT 2013

This morning on the Adams side of Sprague Lake were 5 SABINE'S GULLS way out in the open water. Also of not: five grebe species, the most uncommon being RED-NECKED. Assuming there were six species if the Clark's reported 10 days ago with chicks and Westerns is still around s but didn't have the patience to look for it! Always fun to see a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK riding thermals over open Sage country. At the Sprague Resort, the first big wave of Yellow-rumped Warblers arrived, with small numbers of MacGillvray's, Wilson's, Townsend's, and Yellowthroats (which may be late breeding birds that haven't departed yet). Other good birds included a male BLUE-WINGED TEAL just emerging from eclipse plumage, Hammond's Flycatchers, Cassin's and Warbling Vireos, Lincoln's Sparrows, and a migrant LEWIS'S WOODPECKER. Last but not least a late WESTERN KINGBIRD, I believe the latest date one has been seen Lincoln Co, WA.

Good birding,
Jon Isacoff, Spokane

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